Semester Modules
Basic Modules (German language)
Statics and Strength of Materials
Technical Drawing
Computer Science
Materials Science
Production Technology (+Training in Technical Englisch)
Foreign languages and Key Qualifications
Application Modules (German/English language)
Field International Production Engineering:
Production Technology (+Training in Technical Englisch)
Optics and Optical Technologies
Metal Forming
Optics and Optical Technologies
Polymer Technology
Automated Manufacturing Systems
Field International Production Management:
Quality Management
Seminar on International and Sustainable Production
Production Systems
Foreign languages and Key Qualifications
Elective Modules, Practical Training and Bachelor Thesis (generally English language)
International Elective Modules in Engineering and Management* (English language)
Foreign languages and Key Qualifications
Practical Training (about 3 months)
Bachelor Thesis with Seminar (English language) (about 3 months)


*International Elective Modules

IEM1 (entfällt)
IEM2 Laser Technology
IEM3 Engineering of solid state lasers
IEM4 Integrated Production Systems
IEM5 International Supply Chain Management
IEM6 Introduction to Finite Element Method
IEM7 Nonlinear Finite Elements
IEM8 Computational Dynamics
IEM9 Linear Continuum Mechanics
IEM10 Operations and Logistics
IEM11 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
IEM12 Sustainability Management:
Issues, Concepts and Tools
IEM13 Produktion/Logistik/Beschaffung
IEM14 Innovation Strategy III
IEM15 Innovation Design
IEM16 F&E Management

(Concept, offered for the first time in 2011/2012)